Pregnancy is a journey of phenomenal growth

From 1 cell to 1 billion cells in 9 months

You can’t build square buildings on round foundations

Pregnancy sets the foundation to physical development, Brain development and Immune development

Timing is critical to development

Pregnancy is a series of complex  well coordinated changes 

  • 1st brain cell is formed in week 4 of pregnancy
  • By week 6 and 1 day, the heart is formed and pumping
  • 95% of the approximately 4,500 organs are formed by week 11

‘Epigenetics’ emphasises the role of environment in changing the course of development

Mother is the provider and hence the environment she provides impacts the development of the baby

Lifestyle : Nutrition, Sleep, Liquids, Habits

Emotional health of the mother

Anatomy & Physiology – Pregnancy related adaptations by the mothers body to support the development of the baby 

Physical Fitness of the mother

ONI works with you to build the foundation

Ease of understanding and access to quality healthcare

  • Education through evidence based information
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  • Tools to benchmark for your health and the development of the baby
  • Digital & anytime access to your ObGyn
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